Why Fish Room?

Cary Store New Arrivals - August 8


 Fish - Awesome Shipments Arrived This Week!

Assorted Damsels, Atlantic Pygmy Angels, Banggai Cardinals, Bicolor Angel, Bicolor Blennies, Bicolor Parrot, Black & Gold Chromis, Blue Spotted Puffer, Bluefin Damsel, Bluejaw Trigger (Male), Bursa Trigger, Carpenters Wrasse, Cleaner Wrasse, Clown Trigger, Copperband Butterfly, Coral Beauty Angel, Coral Beauty Angels, Diamond Gobies, Dogface Puffer, Dragon Wrasse, Emperor Angel, Firefish, Flame Angel, Gold Head Gobies, Green Chromis, Green Mandarin Gobies, Half Black Angel, Honey Damsel, Keyhole Angel, Kleins Butterfly, Lavender Tang, Lawnmower Blennies, Long Jaw Wrasse, Melanurus Wrasse, Naso Tang, Neon Velvet Damsel, Niger Trigger, Pajama Cardinals, Panther Grouper, Pearlscale Butterflies, Powder Blue Tang, Powder Brown Tang, Rainford Gobies, Red Flag Grouper, Royal Gramma, Saddle Wrasse, Sailfin Tangs, Scopas Tang, Singapore Angel, Sixline Wrasses, Skunk Dottyback, Solar Fairy Wrasse, Spotted Hawkfish,Spotted Mandarin Goby, Spotted Watchman Gobies, Squamipinnis Anthias (Males & Females), Squareback Anthias, Starry Blennies, Tomato Clowns, Tomini Tang, Tricolor Fairy Wrasse, Twelveline Wrasse, Valentini Puffers, Yellow Canary Blenny, Yellow Coris Wrasse, Yellow Eye Tang, Yellow Foxface, Yellow Herald Angel, and Yellow Watchman Gobies.





 Inverts - Clean Up Crew!

Emerald Crabs, Rose Pink Urchins,Royal Urchins, Astrea Snails, Banded Serpent Starfish, Chaetomorpha Macro Algae, Cerith Sails, Chocolate Chip Starfish, Cleaner Shrimp, Coco Worms, Condy Anemonies (Purple & White), Coral Banded Shrimp, Feather Dusters, Fire Shrimp, Green Bubble Anemones, Margarita Snails, Mexican Turbo Snails, Nassarius Snails, Peppermint Shrimp, Pincushion Urchins (Pink), Red Leg Hermit Crabs, Rose Bubble Anemones, Sand Sifting Starfish, Sea Apple, Short Spine Urchin, Tiger Pistol Shrimp, and Tiger Sand Conchs.





Assorted Acropora Colonies, Hammer/Torch/Frogspawn Frags, Atlantic Xenia, Brain Coral w/ Rock, Bubble Coral, Button Polyps, Cabbage Leather, Closed Brain, Clove Polyps, Cup Coral, Daisy Polyps, Duncan Polyps, Finger Leathers, Flower Leather, Frilly Mushrooms, Frogspawn, Galaxea, Goniopora, Gorgonians, Green Button Polyps, Green Chalice, Green Closed Brain, Green Dome Brain, Green Fungia, Green Lobo, Green Monastrea, Green Open Brain, Green Pavona, Green Pocillopora, Green Polyp Leather, Green Trumpets, Hammer, Hammer, Hollywood Stunner, Long Tentacle Plate Coral, Orange Fungia, Pink Pocillopora, Pipe Organ, Purple Closed Brain, Purple Montipora, Purple Mushrooms, Red & Green Brain, Red & Green Closed Brain, Red Acan, Red Lobo, Redeye Brain, Slipper Coral, Star Polyps, Sun Polyps, Torch Coral, Umbrella Leathers, Unmounted Soft Coral Frags, Yellow Leather, Yellow Polpys, and Zoanthids.

New Frags In Now!



Fish & Inverts - New Supply In Now!

Nerite Snails,Red Serpae Tetras, Glolite Tetras, Redtail Sharks, Otocinclus, Mollies, Gold Sailfin Mollies, Mickey Mouse Platys, Redtail Platys, Texas Cichlids, Orange Blotched Peacocks, Marmalade Cichlids (Fuelleborni), Albino Rubber Nose Pleco (L146), Neon Rosy Barbs, Albino Buenos Aires Tetras, Albino Plecostomus, Albino Socolofis, Albino Tiger Barbs, Amano Shrimp, American Flagfish, Assassin Snails, Assorted African Peacocks (Small & Medium), Assorted Cory Catfish, Assorted Gouramis, Assorted Large African Cichlids, Assorted Platies, Assorted Small African Cichlids, Auratus, Australian Rainbows, Bala Sharks, Betta Fish, Black Convicts, Black Ruby Barbs,Black Skirt Tetras, Bloodfin Tetras, Blue Aceis, Blue Cobalt Zebras, Blue Crawfish, Blue Wag Platies, Bolivian Rams, Brichardi Cichlids, Brilliant Rasboras, Bristlenose Plecostomus, Buenos Aires Tetras, Bumblebee Catfish, Calico Platies, Cherry Barbs, Cherry Shrimp, Chinese Algae Eaters, Clown Loaches, Clown Plecostomus, Columbian Sharks, Columbian Tetras, Compressiceps, Dalmatian Mollies, Diamond Tetras, Dwarf Aquatic Frogs, Dwarf Gouramis, Dwarf Orange Crawfish, Electric Blue Dempsey,Electric Blue Johannis, Eupterus Catfish, Farlowella Catfish, Featherfin Catfish, Female Guppies, Firemouth Cichlids, Frontosas, German Blue Rams, German Red Peacocks, Giant Danios, Glass Barbs, Glofish Tetras, Glow Light Tetras, Gold Barbs, Gold Dust Mollies, Gold Pristella Tetras, Gold Tinfoil Barbs, Hap Alis, Bumblebee Cichlids, Hap Moori, Hifin Platies, Jack Dempsey Cichlids, Jellybean Parrot Cichilds, Juli Gombis, Julii Cory Catfish, Kennyi Cichlids, Lace Catfish, Leaf Fish, Lemon Swordtails, Leopard Puffers, Livingstoni Chichlids, Longfin Serpae Tetras, Lyretail Mollies, Male Guppies, Mosquito Fish, Neon Tetras, Painted Platies, Pictus Catfish, Plecostomus (S, M, L, XL), Rafael Catfish, Rainbow Sharks, Rasbora Hets, Red Eye Tetras, Red Fin Borleyis, Red Zebras, Regal Peacocks, Rock Kribensis, Rosy Barbs, Rusty Cichlids, Scissortail Rasboras, Siamese Algae Eaters, Silver Dollars, Silver Mollies, Socolofi Cichlids, Tangerine Mollies, Tiger Barbs, Tiger Oscar, Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Turquoise Rainbows, Upside Down Catfish, Vanilla Crawfish, Veiltail Rams, Venustus, White Parrot Cichlids, White Skirt Tetras, Yellow Labs, Zebra Catfish, and Zebra Danios.


Freshwater Plants

Amazon Sword, Banana Plants, Green Lloydiella, Green Melon Sword, Hornwort, Italian Val, Java Fern, Java Moss, Moneywort, Moss Ball, Potted Plants, Rotala Indica, Wide Leaf Sag, and Wisteria.