Aquarium Masters LED Lighting System - 36"



  • 36 Inch LED High Efficiency Lighting System With Lunar LEDs For Aquariums And Terrariums, Freshwater Tropical Fish, Marine Fish, ad Reef Fish! (1 Pack, 36 Inch)
  • Lamp Type: H.E. LED Lamps, 10,000k & 460NM Blue. Input Power: 120V / 60HZ. Max Draw 22.8W
  • Optimized for freshwater aquariums and marine aquariums. UL-Listed adapter for max performance and safety. Excellent shimmer and color rendition. Adjustable mounting bracket for versatility and easy setup
  • State Of The Art LED Technology runs cooler and last longer than conventional lighting systems. Custom solid-state LEDs create a shimmering light that simulates natural sun-light, and perfect mixture of 10,000k Day-Light and 460NM Lunar diodes provide excellent color rendition in freshwater and marine fish aquariums. The polish plastic housing makes a bold statement with its sleek and compact design
  • Easy to use: The Three-Position toggle switch allows independent control of moonlights or all-on lighting modes and UL-Listed DC power pack supplies clean stable power for optimal performance. Controls are easily accessible and are located on top of the unit. The power cord is located at the top of the unit for easy routing and versatility

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