Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light Fixture - 36"

36" - Black

Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light fixtures provide energy-efficient, full-coverage LED aquarium lighting. Each fixture comes preloaded with one Day White LED light bulb with expansion slots for 2 additional LED light bulbs. Features a moon glow accent LED for nighttime viewing controlled by a 3-position power switch: Day, Moon Glow and Off.

• Preloaded with one Day White LED lamp
• Slots for two additional LED lamps of your choice: Day White, Colormax, Beauty Max or Max Blue
• Changing LED lamps are easy to snap in and out, plug and play!
• Use up to 70% less energy than T8 fluorescent lamps and do not contain mercury, which is harmful to the environment
• Adjustable legs for proper fit; full coverage lighting over aquarium

Fits aquariums size: 30, 30 Breeder, 38, 40 Breeder, 45, 46 Bow Front, 50, 65


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