Frag Station Ceramic Coral Plug 3/4" - 50 Pack


50 pack

These coral frag plugs require no curing and can be used right out of the bag. They are ceramic and reef safe. These plugs work great for lps, sps, soft corals and polyps. The surface is rough to the touch and extremely porous. They will not crumble like concrete/aragonite plugs and do not require an additional six weeks of curing before you can use them. Coral Glue works well with these plugs and will hold the corals tight. The plugs have stems on them.which fit easily into standard egg crate. They are light but heavy enough that they will not get blown around like many of the plastic plugs on the market. They will attract coralline quickly and the post can be removed by many common fragging tools. Plugs have a 3/4" mounting surface.


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