MRC Orca Pro III Protein Skimmer


Provides superior filtration for 1000 gallons+ aquariums

The Reeflo Orca Pro III is the flagship model in the Pro Series line of protein skimmers. It is everything you'd expect from a top-of-the-line skimmer. It's powered by a Reeflo Hammerhead with a custom high-power Orca Needle-wheel and features a huge 12" reaction chamber body.  The box is constructed out of 3/8" cast acrylic; all tube is 1/4" cast acrylic. All plumbing parts are heavy duty Spears plumbing.

The Pro III was challenged by a system with 2,000 fish; the Pro III took the challenge and destroyed it with ease! The Pro III is a fish  and SPS lover's dream come true. If you love a heavy bio load or need pristine waters for your SPS, this skimmer is for you.

 The Pro Series sets a new standard for quality and performance.


Height: 48" Ideal for applications where nothing but the best will suffice

Footprint: 21" x 20"

Reaction chamber tube diameter: 12" American 1/4" Cast Acrylic

MRC twist lock flange: Standard

Recommended water flow: 700-1,000 gph 

Rating: 1,000 + gallons

Pump: Reeflo Hammerhead Orca (included) MRC

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