My Reef Creations MR-3R Recirculating Protein Skimmer


Rating - 600 Gallons

Recirculating skimmers are available from the MR-2R through the commercial line. Each will have a minimum of 2 becketts and all will be made of 3/8" or 1/2" blue cell cast acrylic. All beckett injectors are plumbed together, like the one below and has the same standard features as our regular skimmers...silencers, true needle valve air intake, spears unions and plumbing parts, cell cast acrylic, threaded large gate valves, and removable becketts.

You want to choose your feed pump based on how many times you want to turn your water volume over through the skimmer. I typically recommend turning your water volume over 1 1/2 to 2 times per hour. For example a 300 gallon tank may use a 600 GPH feed pump, which will give maximum tank water recirculated water turnover.

Box Dimensions: 10" x 10"  
First Riser OD: 6"  
Second Riser OD: 4 ½"  
Number of Injectors: 2  
Gate Valve (standard): 1 ½" Threaded  
Recirculation input: ¾" Bulkhead  
Pump input: 1" Bulkhead  
Total Height: 32 ½"  
Rating: 600 Gallons  
Recommended Recirculating Pump: PW150 PS or PW 200PS
Recommended Feed Pump: 500 - 1000 GPH - MAG 5  
Quick Release: Standard

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