My Reef Creations MR-C4896 Commercial Skimmer


Up to 8500 Gallons

My Reef Creations MR-C4896 Commercial Protein Skimmer MRC's commercial line up of Protein Skimmers are the best in the industry. All Commercial skimmers are built with 3/8" cell cast sheet on the skimmer box for durability. Revolutionary 4 Beckett design quite possibly the first 4 beckett protein skimmer in the world! 4 Beckett's with a twist! Each Skimmer can run with 2, 3, or 4 Beckett's with the turn of a ball valve. This allows for cleaning of the units injectors without turning off the skimmer! All are over built to handle the rigors of Commercial abuse!

Height of skimmer 96"   
Foot Print 20"x12"x12"   
Gate valve Dual 2"   
Water inlet size 1 1/2"    
Number of Injectors 4   
Recommended Pump Reeflo Hammerhead or Manta Ray   
Quick Release Standard     
Rating 8500 gallons

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