My Reef Creations Waste Collector WC-2


Capacity - .85 Gallons

Waste Collectors allow your protein skimmer to shut off when the container becomes full.  This is bone by shutting down the air flow to your skimmer, thus not allowing the container to overflow and cause a mess on your floor.  Easily disconnects to empty and clean and re-use.  Has a 1/2" hose barb connection to fit most brands of skimmers.

Adding a waste collector is a must, especially if you are leaving your aquarium for a few days, or just want to keep your bases covered during periods of high stress.  An MRC waste collector will catch the spill over by cutting the air flow when your skimmer gets too full.  It then stores the extra waste in its clear reservoir until you get back.  Very convenient and practical for vacations as well as extended every day use.

Footprint - 6.5"

Height - 16"

Capacity - .85 Gallons

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