Reef Octopus SRO CR3000D 7in Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor SRO-CR3000D


Rated for Aquariums up to 500 gallons

Footprint: 15.75" x 11" | Height: 23" |Body Diameter: 2 x 7"
Recirculation Pump: Reef Octopus Water Blaster 3000

High-performance reverse flow design, superior craftsmanship, and a 2-year pump warranty are just a few of the features on the Super Reef Octopus calcium reactors. If you are concerned about calcium levels due to your calcium loving animals look no further than our SRO calcium reactors.

All SRO calcium reactors come with our high water volume Water Blaster pumps which come standard with Silicone Carbide shafts and bearings, this means no worries of moving parts freezing up causing broken shafts.

Diameter: 6.7"
Footprint: 15" x 11"
Total Height: 23"
Media Capacity: 11.5
Inlet Size: 1/4"
Suggested Feed Rate: 132-211GPH
Note: Suggest a feed pressure slightly higher than a full flowing influent