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The Fish Room is an authorized dealer of numerous brands of...

by Eric Fortune

The Fish Room is an authorized dealer of numerous brands of specialty manufactured goods for aquariums. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the correct part, product, or plan for all of your aquarium needs. Below is a list of the types of products you can expect to find at The Fish Room:

  • Aquarium Tanks, Stands, & Canopies in countless shapes, sizes, and finishes.
  • Filtration Equipment (Sump Tanks, Canisters, HOBs, Sponges, Skimmers)
  • Circulation Pumps (Submersible pumps, adjustable wave-makers)
  • Lighting Systems (High powered LED assemblies, replacement bulbs, etc.)
  • Aquarium Chemicals (Water conditioners, supplements, testing kits)
  • Cleaning Supplies (algae removal tools, gravel vacuums, fish nets)
  • Fish Food (Dry flakes/pellets/wafers, high quality frozen/freeze dried options)
  • Fish Medicines (safe, effective formulas to treat or prevent fish illnesses)
  • Tank Substrates (assorted color gravel, premium plant soils, live reef sand)
  • Hard-Scape Materials (exotic freshwater rock & driftwood, live¬†reef rock)
  • Artificial Decorations (realistic plant & coral replica ornaments, colorful decor)
  • Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionized Water (RO/DI) + Pre-Mixed Saltwater

Our Raleigh storefront has provided dedicated aquarium retail service to the Triangle since 2008. Major renovations completed during 2018 commemorate over 10 years of business and help to better serve our customers. At our location on Capital Boulevard you will find an extensive aquatic selection!
Six 100-gallon commercial fish systems for community fish and smaller cichlids.
Six 65-gallon tanks featuring live plants and larger freshwater fish.
Twenty-four bowls holding fancy imported betta fish.
Ten 5-gallon tanks highlighting nano freshwater fish, shrimp, & snails.
Six 100-gallon commercial fish systems containing saltwater fish & inverts.
Two custom 250-gallon tanks housing exotic live coral from around the world.

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