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Shown below is a complete list of the freshwater fish & invertebrate species that can sometimes be found at The Fish Room. Not all species shown are kept in stock at all times, but many can be sourced upon customer request! Photos are representative images, not exact specimens. Contact Us for availability and pricing! 


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African Cichlid - Albino 'Snow White' Socolofi

Pseudotropheus socolofi 'Albino'

Tank size: 30+ gallons

Max Size: 6 inches

Lifespan: 7 years

Temperament: Aggressive

Schooling: Yes (2 to 3 females for every male)

Region: Africa, Lake Malawi

Common Tank Mates: Blue Dolphins, Larger Tetras, Catfish

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African Cichlid - Auratus

Melanochromis auratus


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African Cichlid - Black Calvus

Altolamprologus calvus 'Black'

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African Cichlid - Blue Lips

Pseudotropheus williamsi 'Makonde'

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African Cichlid - Blue Socolofi

Pseudotropheus socolofi

Tank size: 70+ Gallons

Max Size: 4 to 5 inches

Lifespan: 6 to 8 years 

Temperament: Semi Aggressive

Schooling: Yes (1 male and 3 females)

Region: Africa, Lake Malawi

Common Tank Mates: Peacock Cichlids, Lemon Yellow Lab, Synodontis Catfish

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African Cichlid - Brichardi

Neolamprologus brichardi

Tank size: 15+ Gallons

Max Size: 6 inches

Lifespan: 8 to 10 years 

Temperament: Aggressive

Schooling: No

Common Tank Mates: Danios, Barbs, Cardinal Tetras, Gouramis

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African Cichlid - Exasperatus

Melanochromis joanjohnsonae

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