African Cichlid - Frontosa

Cyphotilapia frontosa

Tank size: 150+ Gallons

Max Size: 8 to 15 inches

Lifespan: 15 to 20 years 

Temperament: Semi Aggressive

Schooling: Yes (8 or more)

Region: Africa, Lake Tanganyika 

Common Tank Mates: Cuckoo Catfish, Rainbowfish, Rift Lake Cichlids

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African Cichlid - Albino 'Snow White' Socolofi

Pseudotropheus socolofi 'Albino'

Tank size: 30+ gallons

Max Size: 6 inches

Lifespan: 7 years

Temperament: Aggressive

Schooling: Yes (2 to 3 females for every male)

Region: Africa, Lake Malawi

Common Tank Mates: Blue Dolphins, Larger Tetras, Catfish

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African Cichlid - Auratus

Melanochromis auratus

Tank size: 50+ Gallons

Max Size: 4 inches

Lifespan: 5 years 

Temperament: Aggressive

Schooling: No

Region: Africa, Lake Malawi

Common Tank Mates: Good to be kept in species only tank


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African Cichlid - Benga Peacock

Aulonocara baenschi

Tank size: 55+ Gallons

Max Size: 5 inches

Lifespan: 6 to 8 years 

Temperament: Aggressive

Schooling: No

Region: Africa, Lake Malawi

Common Tank Mates: Clown Plecos, Other Peacocks, Botia Loaches 

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