Livestock Guarantee

We employ several bio-security measures to keep our aquatic collection healthy and to reduce the occurrence and transmission of disease-causing pathogens in our aquarium systems. The fact is, any time that fish are moved to a different tank it may cause stress that could lead to an opportunistic infection, especially when temperature fluctuations occur during transport. Diseases are one of the most unfortunate aspects of caring for aquatic animals so it is always a wise choice to utilize quarantine methods before introducing new livestock to your main tank. We try our best to prevent problems from making their way to our customers, however it can sometimes be challenging to ensure an animal that appears healthy at the time of purchase will not experience an issue beyond our care that leads to illness or death. We strive to constantly improve our techniques to maintain and guarantee the health of our large selection of aquatic livestock!

Our livestock health management includes:

  • Preventative external parasite treatment for all new fish arrivals with either Seachem Cupramine or Aquarium Solutions Ich-X
  • Further medication with Metronidazole & Praziquantel as needed
  • Nets soaked in a benzalkonium chloride/methylene blue solution to disinfect between uses
  • Daily feeding of dry & frozen aquarium foods with many high quality, immune-boosting ingredients

Our water chemistry parameters are as follows:

  • Freshwater Systems - pH Range: 6.5-8.0 | Temperature: 78 - 80°F
  • Saltwater Systems - pH Range: 8.2-8.4 | Temperature 78-80°F | Specific Gravity 1.023 - 1.025

Freshwater Livestock

If a freshwater fish or invertebrate dies within 7 days of purchase we will offer a store credit or replacement if you present the remains of the fish, your receipt of purchase, and a separate water sample from the aquarium that shows safe conditions in a water test. If the pH range, ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate readings are determined to be the cause of death, we reserve the right to offer any store credit. Likewise, if the animal dies due to aggression from tankmates or fighting we will not offer a store credit or replacement. All returns are for in-store credit at the original store of purchase only...NO REFUNDS!

Saltwater Livestock

Due to the delicate nature of saltwater fish & invertebrates, we are unable to provide store credit if an animal that you purchased dies within any length of time. We strongly recommend the drip acclimation technique to reduce transitional stress that may occur from changes in pH and salinity. The use of a quarantine/observation tank may also be particularly useful in monitoring new saltwater purchases prior to their introduction into your main tank!

Regarding Disease

We would never knowingly sell an animal that is dealing with disease or illness. If you notice any symptoms of infection in your animal please do not hesitate to inquire about the proper treatment methods! Many common aquatic illnesses can be resolved if they are treated promptly with the correct medications. We offer an extensive line of aquarium antibiotics and other remedies for fungal and parasitic infections. Treatment is often most effective in a dedicated hospital tank!