Saltwater Inventory Archive

Shown below are the saltwater fish & invertebrates species that are usually available at the store. Not all species shown are kept in stock at all times, but many can be sourced upon customer request! Photos are representative images, not exact specimens. Contact Us for availability and pricing! 

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Achilles Tang

Acanthurus achilles

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African Red Starfish

Protoreaster linckii

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Aiptasia Eating Filefish

Acreichthys tomentosus

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Alligator Pipefish

Syngnathoides biaculeatus

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Anchor Tuskfish

Choerodon anchorago

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Anemone Crab

Neopetrolisthes oshimai

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Antennata Lionfish

Pterois antennata

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Arc Eye Hawkfish

Paracirrhites arcatus

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Arrow Crab

Stenorhynchus seticornis

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Atlantic Blue Tang

Acanthurus coeruleus

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Atlantic Sea Cucumber

Holothuria floridana

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Banded Moray Eel

Echidna polyzona

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Banded Pipefish

Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus

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Banded Prawn Goby

Amblyeeleotris steinitzi

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