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We receive weekly shipments of new fish. Our latest additions to the store are shown below. Species that appear on this page may only be available while supplies last! Availability subject to change prior to online updates. Photos are representative images, not exact specimens. Contact Us regarding size, quantity, and price. Click Here to view Saltwater Catalog.

Last Updated on Thursday September 23rd, 2021!

Anemone Crab

Neopetrolisthes oshimai

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Arrow Crab

Stenorhynchus seticornis

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Banded Moray Eel

Echidna polyzona

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Bella Goby

Valencienna bella

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Bicolor Angel

Centropyge bicolor

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Bicolor Blenny

Ecsenius bicolor

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Black Ocellaris Clown

Amphiprion ocellaris (Black Variant)

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Black Seahorse

Hippocampus erectus

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Blue Eye Kole Tang

Ctenochaetus binotatus

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Blue Leg Hermit Crab

Clibanarius tricolor

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Blue Spotted Puffer

Canthigaster solandri

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Camel Shrimp

Rhynchocinetes uritai

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Canary Blenny

Meiacanthus oualanensis

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Caribbean Jewel Damsel

Microspathodon chrysurus

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Chalk Basslet

Serranus tortugarum

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