Live Coral

All types of live coral that we usually have in stock or that are commonly available. Please contact us for pricing!


Moderately difficult to care for. Requires strong light and medium flow.

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Fungia Plate Coral

Very easy coral to keep. Requires moderate lighting, low flow and needs to be placed at the bottom of the aquarium. 

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Moderate to difficult to keep. Requires strong light and medium flow. Highly aggressive.

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Green Alien Eye Chalice

Easy to care for. Medium light and medium flow. Comes teal or purple in color with bright green eyes.

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Green Eyed Cup Coral

Moderately difficult coral to keep.

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Green Star Polyps

Very easy coral to take care of.

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Hammer Coral

Fairly easy to keep, will sting other coral. Requires moderate lighting, medium flow and needs to be placed towards the bottom of aquarium.

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