Charlotte Store

The Fish Room of Charlotte is equipped with commercial-grade water purification technology engineered by Kinetico Pro. The Nimbus S-Series reverse osmosis system produces superior quality, deionized fresh water that is starting point for all of the aquarium systems in the store.

After purification, we create saltwater by mixing Fritz RPM salt or Red Sea salt to offer two high quality formulas for customers to choose from. 


       $0.79/Gallon $1.09/Gallon $1.49/Gallon


State of the art digital water testing is another service offered at The Fish Room of Charlotte. Innovative advancements in centrifugal spectrometry have led to the development of a rapid water analysis device that can measure up to 8 important parameters with great precision in a matter of only 2 minutes! 


This tool enables us to offer very accurate water chemistry assessments for both freshwater & saltwater aquariums to help inform customers about the health of their fish tank.