Aquael Glossy Cabinet - White - 59" x 20"


Glossy Cabinet - White - 59" x 20"

Durable and elegant, the Aquael Glossy Cabinet is the perfect sidekick to your exotic, eye-catching aquarium. Constructed of strong wood-like board that has been endless strength tested for maximum reliability, these stylish cabinets are not only sturdy, but also boast a glossy finish that adds a certain artistic flair to the unit. A spacious interior provides ample room for equipment and other aquarium related paraphernalia. Comes in a beautiful white color. 59" x 20" x 28"

**Please Note: This cabinet must be purchased as a combo set with SKU 38477 - Aquael Rimless Aquarium - 99 gal (59" x 20" x 20") 59" x 20" x 28