AquaTop PISCES All-in-one Nano Cube Glass Aquarium Kit PCS-5GC - 5 Gallons

5 gallons

PISCES All-in-One Series of Nano Glass Aquariums offer a variety of sleek, modern designs. The bowfront, semi-circle glass which is perfect for panoramic viewing. The bullet-shaped glass design with seamless curved corners and the modern Cube-style aquarium held together with high-grade unobtrusive silicone. Each unit includes a multi-stage internal filter box system which comes with a submersible pump and an easy-change drop-in filter cartridge filled with activated carbon. The PISCES Nano Aquariums also include a drop-in Bio-plate and ceramic rings for superb Biological Filtration. All models include a super bright touch sensitive LED Light complete with moonlight setting, and tank lid.