Autoaqua Smart Skimmer Security


Simple Security for your Protein Skimmer!

Keep your skimmer from overflowing with the AutoAqua Smart Skimmer Security sensor and outlet. The easy to clean optical sensor will magnetically couple to any skimmer collection cup (up to 1/4" thick), and when the cup gets full it will shut down your skimmer pump keeping the skimmate in your cup and not your sump. Just mount the sensor inside of your cup at the desired location and plug your skimmer pump into the 10 amp outlet for simple skimmer security!

  • Peace of mind
  • No Moving Parts
  • Plug & Play
  • Easy Level Adjustment
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • No DIY Necessary
  • Easy to Clean Sensor
  • Auto Time Delay 


Power Input/Output - 110V AC @ 10 amps

Max Power - 1100W for 110VAC

Max Mounting Thickness - 1/4"

Power On Delay - 5 Minutes

Detection Delay - 5 Minutes

Cord Length - 10 Feet 

What's Included?

1x Smart Skimmer Security Sensor & Outlet

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