Boyd Enterprises ChemiClean Red Slime Remover - 6 g


Treats up to 900 gallons

Cyano Bacteria (Red Slime) is a hybrid algae-bacteria that thrive in aquarium waters rich in waste products and dissolved organic matter. It can be very difficult to eliminate this unwanted guest once it has begun to spread. Boyd Chemi-clean Red Slime Remover is a triple-threat treatment for this unattractive pest. Chemi-clean removes disease causing Red Cyano Bacteria from live coral, oxidizes trapped organic sludge and sediment, and clarifies aquarium water while promoting an ideal enzyme balance.

  • Use Instructions: 1. Aquarium oxygen levels must be increased using heavy aeration or a large air stone.2. Turn off any UV sterilizers and ozonizers and remove any Chemi-pure or carbon during treatment.3. Continue using a protein skimmer, although skimmer may require adjustment or removal of collection cup to prevent excessive overflow.4. Maintain normal water flow using pumps and powerheads.5. Add one scoop of Chemiclean per 10 gallons of aquarium water.6. Successful treatment may take up to 48 hours. After the 48 hour treatment period, perform a 20% water change.7. Turn on any UV sterilizers and ozonators and replace with new Chemi-pure or carbon removed previously. Repeat as necessary. Chemiclean can be used monthly as a regular component of aquarium maintenance.