Brightwell Aquatics HemiXSpheres Coral Frag Mounts - 1 Pack


1 pack

HemiXSpheres from Brightwell Aquatics with NanoIntelex Technology

  • Combines the benefits of vast surface area and intelligent design with a high-purity aragonite component to maximize the aquarist’s use of available space in coral culture systems while maximizing the growth rate potential of coralline algae, yielding shorter grow out to market than when using conventional plugs.
  • Hemispherical shape is conducive to growing all manner of branching, plating, and massive stony corals, soft corals, and colonial polyps such as zoanthids and their close allies.
  • Average surface area of 500,000 ft2 per cubic foot (~1,900 m2 per L, ~150 ft2 per gram) encourages colonization by beneficial nitrifying bacteria, resulting in rapid and efficient conversion of ammonia into nitrite and nitrate and further enhancing the stability of nutrient concentrations in grow out systems.
  • Researched, designed, and made in the USA of US-sourced, high-quality ingredients.
  • 3" Base (approx)

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