CaribSea LifeRock Cave - 3pk


3 pack - Approximately 11x8x7

LifeRock Caves make great hides for fish (especially eels and grouper). LifeRock Caves are about 11 x 8 x 7, and can stand alone or be used in a larger rockscape.

Please Note: Each box will contain a variety of rocks of different sizes and shapes. We are unable to take any special requests for rocks of a particular dimension or size. Because of the fragile nature of this rock, it is possible for the rock to break during shipment. We do our best to package the rock sufficiently to minimize damages. As UPS does not consider this item insurable, we are unable to replace or refund damaged pieces. It is possible to attach multiple pieces together using aquarium epoxy in order to make large shelves or repair damaged rock.