Flipper DeepSee Magnified Magnetic Aquarium Viewer - 4"



Get a Closer Look At Your Coral!

Made with optical grade magnifying glass, the DeepSee 4" viewing portal is perfect for everyday viewing or even photography. With a focal range of 3-8" the DeepSee lets you get a much closer look at your corals letting you see things you would not normally be able to view with your naked eye. Held in place by super strong rare earth magnets, they are compatible with tanks up to 5/8" thick. Each side has a soft felt like surface that makes the DeepSee move smoothly but also safe for glass and acrylic aquariums.  


Max Wall Thickness - 5/8" (16mm)

Wet Side Dimensions - 1.5" diameter x 1.25" thick

Dry Side Dimensions - 4" L x 6" W x 0.5" H 

What's Included?

1x  DeepSee Magnified Magnetic Aquarium Viewer

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