Fluval Vista Aquarium Kit 8.5 Gallon (32 L) - Black

8.5 gallons - Black

With its unobstructed panoramic design, energy-efficient Soft-Start LED and powerful multi-stage AquaClear filter, the Vista aquarium series makes an ideal choice for hobbyists looking for great aesthetics and technological features in a convenient, fully-equipped kit.

Kit includes: 

  • 32 L (8.5 US Gal) glass aquarium with panoramic, bent-glass design
  • Energy-efficient 8000K LED with Soft-Start feature – gradually illuminates for a more natural effect that won’t startle fish.
  • AquaClear 20 clip-on filter with multi-stage cleaning process – provides crystal clear conditions and reduced water change frequency
  • LCD thermometer
  • Fish net
  • Fluval Tropical Fish Flakes
  • Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner
  • Fluval Cycle Biological Enhancer
  • Fluval Freshwater Care Guide
  • Wattage: 4.2 W

    Lumens: 700 lm
    Color Temperature: 8000 K
    Filter Capacity: 18-76 L (5-20 US Gal)
    Filter Output: 378 L/H (100 US Gal/H)
    For stocking levels, allow 1 inch body length of fish (excluding the tail) per US Gallon of water. Miniature fish species must be kept in shoals of 4 or 5 individuals. Please consult with your dealer for fish species compatibility and recommended stocking.