Fritz Coral Max - 120g



  • Great for all SPS, LPS, Zoanthid and Goniopora species
  • Can be used for target or broadcast feeding
  • Unique blend of marine plankton and natural pigments

About Fritz Coral Max

CORALMAX is a custom unique blend formulated from naturally occurring marine planktons and marine organisms. Corals require multiple types of nutrition to succeed and thrive in captivity. CORALMAX is ideal for all photo and non-photosynthetic lter feeding corals.

MAXOUT your coral growth and coloration with CORALMAX!

Directions & Dosage

​Mix 1/2 teaspoon of CORALMAX with aquarium water for every 50 gallons of tank volume. For Maximum results, shut off circulation pumps and target feed the mixture directly to the corals. Broadcast feeding while pumps are on is also suitable.
CORALMAX does not require refrigeration.