Hikari Coralific Delite - 1.23oz



Coralific Delite is the ideal food for target feeding or broadcast feeding your corals. Mixing the highly nutritious food with your tank's water in different ratios will make different viscosities for different feeding methods and coral types.

  • Floating type - stays suspended in the water column
  • Target Feeding - Perfect for LPS and Anemones
  • Squirt & Go - Ideal for SPS and small mouth corals

Coralific Delite was developed directly for the nutritional requirements of corals. Its gel-type consistency when mixed with tank water enables versatility in mixing for different feeding applications, and the specialized formula ensures the food will stay together for effective target feeding. The density of the food allows it to freely float around the water column allowing your corals to grab and snatch the food like it would zooplankton in its natural environment.