IceCap RODI System Controller


Controller only

The IceCap RODI System Control is fully managed by an unique system controller that fully automates the entire water purification process and supports a few handy safety features that set it apart from any other system currently in the marketplace. The IceCap Eco-Friendly Smart RODI controller features include leak detection, system run timer, filter replacement notification among many other features. Does not include wire harness or power supply.

Smart Controller Features

  • Fully-Automated water management
  • Accurate 3 point Digital TDS readouts(before filter, after membrane, after DI)
  • Timer mode — preset run times
  • Filter replacement notifications
  • Automatic membrane flush (start; if feed water disconnects; after production; every 2 hours of water production)
  • Manual “strong" flush
  • Back pressure shut off
  • High/Low pressure switches with audible alarms
  • Power conservation mode that automatically shuts off the screen when the unit is not in use
  • System On/Off function
  • Leak detection with audible alarm


  • Smart RO/DI System and Smart Controller
  • 1 75 GPD DOW Filmtec membrane
  • 1 µ polypropylene sediment cartridge
  • 5 µ carbon block cartridge
  • 1 refillable DI cartridge with high capacity color changing resin
  • Quiet booster pump (located post pre-filtration for extended pump life)
  • Canister/membrane wrench
  • Garden hose adapter
  • RO tubing (red, white, blue) x 3m
  • ¼" Ball valve x 2
  • ¼" Drain saddle
  • Detailed instructions

Technical Information

  • Wattage: 45w
  • All prefilter canisters use standard 10" cartridges
  • Standard ¼" Push-connect fittings
  • Footprint 14.75" x 9"
  • Height 17.5"
  • Weight: 29lbs (with water) PLEASE USE appropriate mounting hardware and mount to a solid surface.

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