Lee's The Ultimate Gravel Vac 50ft Kit


50ft kit

Maintaining a healthy, happy aquarium doesn't have to be labor intensive. Water changes refresh your aquarium with precious nutrients and remove excess debris/fish waste, uneaten food and decomposed plant matter. Twenty-five percent water changes should be performed at least once a month in order to maintain a healthy aquatic environment.

With Lee's Ultimate Gravel Vac the job just became easier. Attach the Ultimate Gravel Vac attaches directly to most faucets. (Use the faucet adapter if necessary.) Drain the dirty water right into the sink and refill the aquarium with ease. No buckets, no mess. 25' or 50' hose reaches almost anywhere. We've even drained the aquarium right out a window into the garden, accomplishing great fertilizing as well as aquarium cleaning in one operation.