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African Cichlid - Hap. Electric Blue Ahli

Sciaenochromis ahli

Tank size: 75+ Gallons

Max Size: 8 inches

Lifespan: 7 years 

Temperament: Aggressive

Schooling: No

Region: Africa, Lake Malawi

Common Tank Mates: Deep Water Haps, Peacocks

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African Cichlid - Hap. Venustus

Nimbochromis venustus

Tank size: 70+ gallons

Max Size: 12 inches

Lifespan: 12 years

Temperament: Semi Aggressive

Schooling: No

Region: Africa, Lake Malawi 

Common Tank Mates: Red Empress, Mbunas, Frontosa

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African Cichlid - Kenyi

Maylandia lombardoi

Tank size: 55+ gallons

Max Size: 5.1 inches

Lifespan: 10 years

Temperament: Aggressive

Schooling: Yes (3 or more) 

Region: Africa, Lake Malawi 

Common Tank Mates: Zebras Obliquidens, Demasoni Cichlid, Snow White Cichlid, Yellow Lab

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African Cichlid - Orange Blotch Peacock

Aulonocora sp. 'OB'

Tank size: 55+ Gallons

Max Size: 6 inches

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years 

Temperament: Semi-Aggressive

Schooling: No

Region: Africa, Lake Malawi

Common Tank Mates: Red Tail Shark, Giant Danio, Clown Loaches, Plecos

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