Polyplab Scope Blue LED Flash Light


The Scope, not just another flashlight... the Polyplab scope

The Scope`s single chip LED emits an adjustable beam of blue light that will illuminate coral or invertebrates colors not visible with your day lighting, and help inspect for pests in the cover of darkness.  

Bring the light with you to MACNA, Reef-A-Palooza, LFS, or your local fish club meeting to check out your next addition to your reef before taking it home.

Focus the beam to spotlight that new grail coral and take some glamour shot photos for your social media followers to envy.

With three light settings:

  • The intense light setting can brighten darker deeper caverns in your reef structure
  • The low-intensity setting can be used for shallower use
  • The strobe function helps check the health of inverts, like tridacnas` reflexes, before purchase


  • Enjoy the natural bioluminescence of corals at night
  • Search for lost corals that could be trapped in between rock work
  • Check livestock for external parasites or defects  
  • Scout for reef pests when your lights are off, at the height of their activity
  • Adjustable beam focus can give your coral the glamour shot it deserves - works great with the Polyplab Coral View Lens for your smartphone or tablet camera
  • Three light settings: high-intensity, low-intensity, and strobe
  • Enjoy your corals` feeding response at night when you feed them Reef-Roids or any of their other favorite coral food
  • Safety clip keeps the flashlight safe in your pocket


  • Dimensions (w/o clip) = 1" Diameter x 3.5" Length


  • Scope Flash Light
  • 2AA battery

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