Pro Clear REDFLEX 4 IN 1 Reef Sump 600 - 60"x18"x20" ***SPECIAL ORDER - Please email***


Up To 400G Tank - Flow Rate Up To 1600 GPH - Dual Input

The Red Flex Reef Sump is designed specifically for saltwater systems. This sumps features a modern red and white acrylic design.  Water flows through the two overflow ports, into our proprietary bubble diffusers and through the 4 inch 200 micron filter socks. 

Each sump includes an overflow panel where the water can escape into the sump if your socks overflow. The Red Flex is equipped with a dosing, probe and wire holders, easily maintained by the built in fastener.  Water levels exiting the refugium chamber can be adjusted between 6 to 9 inches via the adjustable flow gate, depending on your specific needs. It also Includes flexible hoses, 4 inch Micron bags and the foam block sponge.

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