Red Sea Salt Bucket - 55 Gallons

55 gallons


Red Sea Salt contains biologically balanced, elevated levels of the foundation elements (Calcium, Magnesium, Carbonates) necessary for sustainable, accelerated coral growth. Red Sea Salt is ideal for reef aquariums, in particular for LPS and SPS corals, and for growing coral frags.

Salinity 35 ppt (1.025 sg)
Calcium 415 - 445 ppm
Magnesium 1240 - 1320 ppm
Alkalinity 7.5 - 8.5 dKH
Potassium 375 - 405 ppm

Red Sea Salt is designed to provide the exact parameters of tropical reef water with a slightly elevated alkalinity as needed in a closed marine system.  Red Sea salt is ideal for fish and invertebrate systems or for low-nutrient tanks where the hobbyist supplements all of the individual elements on a regular basis.


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