Sicce Shark ADV Internal Power Filter 400


106 GPH

The SHARK ADV is an exclusively designed internal filter with a patented magnetic quick uncoupling system (MCS System). The modular design allows the possibility of adding one or more filtering compartments to increase the filtration capacity.

Footprint: 8.5" x 2.4" x 3.1"

Recommended: 10 - 35 Gallons


  • Revolving pump head for directional water flow
  • Submersible
  • For fresh and salt water aquariums
  • Transparent mechanical filter body for easier control of clogging level (320 cm3)
  • Equipped with a Venturi system for improved oxygenation
  • Adjustable intake diameter to protect small fishes going through the inlet.
  • Filtering volume of 320 cm3
  • Unique Magnet Connecting System
  • Water flow regulation from the bottom grid. Adjustable intake diameter to prevent small fishes to enter in the filter.
  • Wide sheet of water flow and flow ducting device included for a more orientable water flow.