Tsunami Coral Reef Drop In Island - X-Large


Ultra-Realistic Aquarium Reef Style Decor!

Why choose Tsunami?

A common issue with themed environments is the rapid deterioration of the materials used to create the environment. This is due to the exposure to salts and the effects of harsh scrubbing and powerwashing to clean the environment. UltraViolet sunlight can also damage the materials and cause fading. Tsunami uses only the highest quality materials and products resulting in unique product durability that is unavailable elsewhere. All our colors are integral with the materials used in the manufacturing process, this gives them inherent UV
resistance which keeps the colors of products from showing signs of wear from the extreme chemical and physical stresses.

We design our exhibitry to be easily serviceable. Our material is food grade. This means that it is pure, stable, clean, and safe for your animals. We don't use unstable and potentially poisonous fiber glass resins that other companies use. This is safer for us to work with and also for the animals. For further peace of mind we add a second UV protectant to the finished product. It not only protects against the sun and lighting, but protects the exhibitry from algae. This is a coating that the algae can not bond to ensuring an easy clean and a product that
continues to look new for the life of the exhibitry. This will greatly reduce the difficulty and thereby; the costs of regular cleanings.

Dimensions 25Lx10Wx24H