Wisteria - Hygrophila difformis


Fast growth rate

Hygrophila difformis, the water wisteria, is an amphibious plant from waters in tropical Asia. For many years it is popular as a beautiful and undemanding aquarium plant. Its submerged shoots have lobed, freshly green leaves and become 6-12 cm wide and at least 30 cm tall.

This Hygrophila is easy to grow and also recommendable for beginners. However it is somewhat susceptible to micronutrient deficiency, indicated by pale leaves. Medium lighting is sufficient. It should be noted that the emersed (terrestrial) form of Hygrophila difformis differs much from the underwater form. After planting in the tank it develops the typical divided submerged foliage.

Hygrophila difformis is especially beautiful in the midground or background of large aquariums where it can create a distinctive group. With its fast growth, it is recommendable for newly started tanks where it can compete with algae.

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