Saltwater Fish & Inverts

All saltwater fish & inverts that we usually have in stock or that are commonly available. Please contact us for pricing!

Sea Hare

Not recommended for beginner hobbyists, expert only. Eats hair algae.

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Serpent/Brittle Star

Easy to take care of. Can grow to about 1'.

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Sixline Wrasse

Hardy fish, known to be aggressive at times.

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Tanaka's Pygmy Wrasse

Peaceful fish, easy to care for

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Three Stripe Damsel

Easy to care for, very hardy. Known to be very aggressive

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Tiger Sand Conch

Very hardy. Eats a little algae, stays on the sand bed. Very good sand sifter. 

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Trochus Snail

Very easy to keep. Hardy snail, grows to bout 2.5''. Eats algae.

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Valentini Puffer

Small puffer, hardy, peaceful.

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Volitan Lionfish

Semi-aggressive fish, easy to care for

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