Saltwater Inventory Archive

Shown below are the saltwater fish & invertebrates species that are usually available at the store. Not all species shown are kept in stock at all times, but many can be sourced upon customer request! Photos are representative images, not exact specimens. Contact Us for availability and pricing! 

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Yellow Line Goby

Elacatinus figaro

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Yellow Longnose Butterfly

Forcipiger flavissimus

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Yellow Mandarin Goby

Synchiropus picturatus

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Yellow Rabbitfish

Siganus corallinus

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Yellow Rose Antenna Goby

Stonogobius nematodes

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Yellow Sea Cucumber

Colochirus robustus

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Yellow Square Anthias (F)

Pseudanthias pleurotaenia

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Yellow Staghorn Damsel

Ambliglyphidodon ternatensis

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Yellow Tail Blue Damsel

Chrysiptera parasema

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Yellow Tang

Zebrasoma flavescens

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Yellow Watchman Goby

Cryptocentrus cinctus

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Zebra Hermit Crab

Very hardy hermit crab. Eats excess food and waste, great cleaner. 

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Zebra Moray Eel

Gymnomauraena zebra

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Zoster Butterfly

Hemitaurichthys zoster

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