Aqueon OptiBright Max LED Light Fixture - 48-54"



The Optibright MAX LED light is the next step up in the Aqueon line of static LED fixtures. It maintains the easy to use RF remote control for complete customization but is now packed with bright LED's for the best view of aquatic inhabitants. Optimal light for freshwater or saltwater fish and low-medium light level plants. Bright LED lighting- White, Blue Moon Glow and color-enhancing RGB LED's. RF Remote Control, set a 24 hour timer for white, blue and RGB LED's individually. You can choose between 8 preset colors for quick customization, and have a dimming capability in 10% increments. Automatic 30 min ramp times to reflect a gradual sunrise and sunset environment. Low profile with adjustable legs to fit multiple aquarium lengths. Includes 2 AAA batteries for RF remote control.

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