Aqueon OptiBright Plus LED Fixture with Remote Control - 18-24"



With the OptiBright+ LED Light the possibilities are endless! The slim fixture includes bright white LEDs that are equivalent to 6,500K illumination, blue Moon Glows for nighttime viewing and RGB LEDs for enhanced colors. Each fixture can be set to turn on/off individually using the radio frequency remote control, eliminating the need for line-of-site remote operation. 3 Color channels are conveniently preset with an additional 8 preset color options - all at the push of a button. A built-in LCD screen displays the current time as well as programmable on/off times. More features include light dimming capability, ability to scroll through the colors and at 3 different speeds and a high-grade plastic housing.

• Radio frequency remote control has built-in on/off programmable timer and large LCD screen
• Remote controls 3 preset colors, dimming capabilities, and speed of 8 other color options
• Independent control of white (equivalent to 6,500K), blue and red RGB LED lights
• Mimics natural sunrise/sunset actions with automatic 30 minute ramp up and ramp down
• Adjustable fixture legs fit a variety of aquarium sizes

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