Coralife LED Aqualight Fixture Mini 12-18"



This Coralife Mini LED Aqualight fixture is a versatile light that is ideal for small aquariums, nano tanks, sumps, and refugiums. Adhesive mounting brackets allow for vertical installation. The legs extend from 12-18 wide to fit smaller aquariums. 3x brighter than the previous NON LED version. RF remove control allows consumer to set a 24-hour timer for white, blue and RGB LED's individually. Choose between 8 preset colors for quick customization. Increase or decrease color intensity in 10% increments. Turn White, Blue or RGB LED's On/Off individually and scroll through RBG colors in 3 different speeds. Automatic 30 minute ramp times for a gradual sunrise and sunset cycle. Can be used for freshwater or saltwater aquariums.

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