Current USA Orbit Single XW LED Light Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket - Black


2H X 8L X 15W

The XW Orbit LED Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket provides a low profile, minimalistic solution to mounting your LED light over your aquarium. Easy to install, it requires no drilling or cutting into your aquarium cabinet and provides a sleek, modern, clean look. This new XW Model an additional extension bracket for wider tanks (width>18) and wider tank mount bracket fits wider framed aquariums up to 1.5 thick. Vertically adjustable Fits both rimless and framed aquariums up to 1.5 thick Allows fixture to slide front to backCompatible with Current-USA Orbit Marine, Orbit Marine IC, Orbit Marine IC PRO, Satellite Plus and Satellite Plus PRO LED systems.Easy to install, each arm includes clips to hold up to two LED lights. Three adjustable height settings suspend lights 5, 6 & 7 above aquarium. Lights can also be adjusted front to back. See Model #4193 for thinner rimless and framed tanks only up to 1 thick. What's Included Adjustable aluminum arm Fixture mounting clips (2) Tank mount bracket Mounting hardware Extension Arm & Glass Shims Instructions.

  • Compatible With: Satellite LED Plus|Satellite LED Plus PRO|Serene Sun Freshwater LED|Orbit Marine LED|Orbit Marine IC LED|Orbit Marine IC PRO LED

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