Frank's Tanks F-Aiptasia Killer - 1oz



Completely cover aiptasia anemones with F-Aiptasia. As you start to cover them, they will retract. Just cover them completely! After several hours, F-Aiptasia will create a 'shell' over the anemone and trap it with the caustic product inside the shell. This robs the anemone of the ability to release reproductive spores in the aquarium! Next time you perform your maintenance or 5 days after covering, you can simply brush the 'shell' away. AIPTASIA IS GONE!!


Stir this product with included stir stick and then shake well before use. Turn off all power heads. Using included syringe, apply directly to aiptasia anemone and completely cover! Leave power heads off for 30 minutes or until product hardens. You can remove the hardened shell a few days later. Since I use this product at maintenance accounts that I am at once weekly, I don't usually remove the white 'cap' until the following visit. 

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