Kessil AP9X Controllable LED Aquarium Light


Features redesigned optics to evenly blanket your aquarium

Features at a Glance:

  • Densest Matrix Array Yet --  More chips in a tighter space results in superior color mixing, natural shimmer, and deep penetration with wide coverage
  • Advanced Color Control -- Color channels like Tuna Blue, Red, Green, and Purple (Violet + Indigo) can all be adjusted via the Kessil app, while advanced Kessil LogicTM technology balances performance with aesthetics
  • Advanced Dimming -- The AP9X can dim down to 0.1%, allowing you to smoothly replicate even the most nuanced day/night light cycles
  • Redesigned Heat Sink -- A new heat sink coupled with an efficient vortex fan lead to a longer lasting and more energy efficient fixture
  • Smart Communication -- Multiple fixtures can be daisy-chained via K-Link and 0-10V ports and app-controlled thru the AP9X`s WiFi connection. A single AP9X can act as the wireless access point for up to 32 X-Series lights and 20 0-10V lights.
  • Single Arm Mounting -- The new AP9X can be supported by just a Single Arm Mount (sold separately), allowing for superior coverage without distracting too much from your tank`s natural beauty

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