Pro Clear Prostar 60 Rimless Glass Aquarium w/ Stand & Filter - Black


Tank Capacity 42 Gallons - Total Capacity 55 - Black

The Pro Clear "ProStar" 60 Gallon Full Aquarium System is a truly plug-and-play option for those that want to dive straight into designing and enjoying their own aquatic habitats without having to worry about the hassle of finding compatible parts or equipment. This makes a wonderful reef or freshwater display with plenty of room in the sump for all equipment. Virtually everything you need to start is included:

  • The tank 
  • Sturdy aluminum stand with underneath storage cabinets
  • Full filtration/sump system with overflows
  • (2) 200 micron filter socks
  • Auto top off reservoir to combat evaporation

Not Included - light or pump.

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