Red Sea REEFER-S 850 G2+ Deluxe Aquarium w/ Three ReefLED 160S - 180 Gallons - White


180 Gallons - White 

Total system water volume - 225 gallons

Comes with 3 ReefLED 160S lights

Super-sized Premium Reef-Ready Systems.

Superior Aluminum Super-Structure

ATO Included!


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  • 19mm ultra-clear glass
  • Fortified Internal Framed Aquarium
  • Aluminum Marine Spec Cabinet
  • Professional Main Sump - The main sump is refugium-ready, containing all the filtration functions, and has an adjustable height skimmer chamber, enabling you to set the water level between 20-28cm (7.9”-11”) for optimal skimmer performance.
  • Silent Downflow System - The regulated silent downflow system comes with an improved, high precision valve for finer flow adjustments, as well as an emergency downflow bypass pipe, with unrestricted flow to the sump.
  • Assembly-Ready Piping - No gluing required! All pipes are preformed with quick connectors at all joints.
  • High Precision Valve - Silent downflow system with a new high precision valve, enabling finer flow adjustments.
  • Dual Pump Returns - The dual side-facing return pump outlets create an optimal flow in the aquarium. The outlets can be attached to a single or dual pumps
  • Surface Skimmer - The central overflow box is has a large surface skimmer, with removable comb parts for periodic cleaning.
  • Extension Sump - The extension sump can be used for a dedicated frag tank, a larger refugium, or simply for extra filtration. Alternatively, the extension sump can be disconnected from main sump, and used as an R/O reservoir or for saltwater changes.
  • Chiller & Hardware Chamber - All REEFER-S models come with a separate chamber for a chiller, controllers or other equipment.
  • Control Panel Provides easy mounting and access for controllers and other equipment.
  • Hidden Adjustable Feet - The adjustable feet allow perfect levelling on any surface, and are hidden by the cabinet exterior for a more elegant look.
  Reefer-S 850 Reefer-S 1000
Display tank length 71" 82.7"
Display tank height 25.6" 25.6"
Display tank width 26 3/4" 26 3/4"
Total system height 60" 60"
Total system water vol. 225 gal 265 gal
Display tank water vol. 180 gal 210 gal
In-cabinet sump water vol. 45 gal 55 gal
Ultra-clear side glass  3/4"  3/4"
 Ultra-clear front glass  3/4"  3/4"

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