Red Sea ReefWave 45 Flow Pump


Silent - Smart - Powerful

Based on Gyre patented, cross-flow technology, ReefWave smart pumps are nearly silent, smart, powerful and easy to maintain.


They provide an optimal REEF-SPEC water flow for corals in a wide range of reefscapes, regardless of their position in your aquarium.

The combination of an advanced, smooth running and energy efficient sine-wave motor drive, with superior vibration damping mounts and dual bearings on all models, make ReefWave a nearly silent pulsing wave pump.


You can control each ReefWave pump locally through its own dedicated controller or remotely via the built-in Wi-Fi that connects easily to Red Sea’s ReefBeat app.


Model Specifications

Dimensions Flow Rate Wattage Max. Glass
Rec. Aquarium

ReefWave 25

9"L x 2.8"W x 1.6"H 1980 gph
(7500 lph)
4 - 25 watts 5/8" (15 mm) 1.5 - 4 ft

ReefWave 45

12.4"L x 3.2"W x 2"H 3960 gph
(15000 lph)
8 - 45 watts 3/4" (20 mm) 2 - 6 ft