Reef Octopus CV91100 Coral Vue FW110 High Amperage Float Switch OCT-FW110


High Amperage Float Switch

The Coral Vue FW110 High Amperage Float Switch will operate for high water or low water level applications. To change its (on or off) setting, simply remove the retaining ring and turning the barrel float upside down. This switch can handle multiple pumps with a combined amperage draw of up to 5 amps. Each switch comes with a 6 ft grounded power cord and probe style switch. This float switch can save you from burning out expensive pumps, be configured to a collection container for your skimmer or can be used for water top off.

  • Great as a part for a ATO
  • Extra insurance
  • Skimmer shut off switch
  • High amperage
  • Grounded power cord
  • Fuse

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