Reef Octopus SRO-9000EXT Light Commercial Protein Skimmer


For Aquariums up to 3000 Gallons

Footprint: 32.3" x 30.7" | Body Diameter: 20" | Height: 43.3"
Pumps: X2- Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster 10000s
- Requires a 3380-4680 GPHFeed Pump to Operate

The Super Reef Octopus 9000ext is the largest of the highly efficient Light Commercial SRO line of protein skimmers with a 20" body and standing under 44" inches tall. Don't let its short stature full you, it comes equipped with dual(2) Bubble Blaster 10000 pumps that produce incredible air draw numbers and using less than 190watts total energy. Great for large home aquariums, frag farmers, small commercial displays, and store systems under 3000 gallons.

Body Size: 20in
Footprint: 32.3in x 30.7in
Neck Size: 10in
Total Height: 43.3in
Output Size: 75mm \ 2.5in PVC
Output Height: 12.24in
Feed Inlet Size: 1.25in (Hose Barb/PVC)
Max Feed Rate: 5000GPH

Note: Suggested Feed Rate of 1.5-2 times the system volume but not exceeding max feed rate of 5000GPH

Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster HY-10000s Pinwheel Pump
Voltage: 120v/60Hz
X2 - Wattage: 125w (95w running)
X2 - Air draw: 4000 L/H (140 SCFH)
X2 - GPH: 600 - Efficiency: 95

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