Sicce Syncra Pro 7000 Aquarium Pump - 1900 GPH


1900gph / Up to 624 gallons

Syncra Pro Multifunction Pumps, some of the "coolest" pumps around! Built to last, Sicce constructed the Pros out of long lasting, durable material and made them suitable for wet or dry applications in:

  • Marine systems
  • Freshwater systems
  • Outdoor use
  • Indoor fountains


Run Cooler

With Sicce Eco Technology, Syncra Pros run cooler while providing more power with less energy consumption. When plumbed externally, Sicce`s innovative "cooling chamber" provide air cooling, or the verse, when plumbed internally, water cooled.

Flow Control

Each Pro pump is integrated with a flow control that makes it easy to manually adjust the water to the system`s demand.


Using ceramic bearings, the Syncra Pro is resistant to corrosion, but also ensures long-lasting, quiet operation.

624 gallons 7.55" x 4.56" x 5.35" 1" 1900 gph 130 watts .7 A 12 feet


Internal recirculation prevents overheating and ejects obstructing debris.